Saturday, October 21, 2017

Summer Photo Dump—it rained again

Back in the summer (eek! that was so long ago), it rained a lot and so I grabbed my mom's camera and romped around outside taking photos of raindrops and flowers and my camera and more raindrops. I really liked how the photos turned out, so I decided to share them with y'all! :D Some are edited, some aren't, but let me know how you like them! (Also, you can click the pictures to enlarge them. :) Especially for the detailed ones, like the anole, it'll make everything show up better.)

^Super edited. :P

I love how all of these white flower pictures turned out with the dark background! They remind me of a wedding or something. XD What do you think? 

Green anole!!!

Do you like seeing photography posts?
Which was your favorite photo?
Do you like rain and flowers and and photography? 
What are your favorite photography tips?


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wanderings—Death Hike at Arches

Sorry this is a day late! The computer was in full occupation by others in my family so this had to be postponed. If you don't remember, in the last episode of Wanderings I talked about my drive through the Rocky Mountains. We exited the mountain range and entered Moab, Utah, where the next day we explored Arches National Park. 

I barely remember going into the hotel that night before going to Arches, but I remember waking up in the morning and going downstairs and just gaping at the sunlight enhancing the rich colors of the red rocks surrounding the hotel. My family hurried through breakfast and I set out for a day of hiking. 

Ha. Ha. Ha. 

I'll tell you about how terrible the water was through pictures. (Again, some of these are taken by me, some by my mom, and others by various members of my family. Mostly by me though. Except for the ones I'm in.)

My mom took lots of pictures with her Canon, which I eventually nabbed for my own conniving purposes of taking Pinterest worthy photography (not).

Friday, October 6, 2017

15 Reasons Why I Love Autumn (Florida Style)

I love autumn/fall soon much, that this post almost turned into a top 100 list. It's my favorite season out of the year by far (sorry, spring), but I live in Florida, so honestly I don't get much of a fall season. But I decided to do an autumn welcome post anyways—Florida style.

1. Beautiful Weather

Compared to the sweltering heat of summer and spring, fall weather is full of breezes and low(er) temperatures. Also the air is a little drier, so I can actually breathe air! I swear, everyone here has amazing respiratory systems because half the time we're breathing water!

2. Rain

I've loved rain ever since I was little. Fall is probably the rainiest season out of the year, so there's this constant crisp smell of freshness. When I was younger I used to walk in the little streams that snaked down the side of the road all the way to the drain. Sometimes I still do that for nostalgia's sake.

3. Hurricanes (!!!)

Please don't misunderstand! I HATE hurricanes and the destruction that comes after them. I like EVACUATING because I get to visit my cousins! They live in a gorgeous place alive with color. Last time, my cousins skipped school and that night we slept on the trampoline in the backyard. When I woke up, the first thing I saw were red and yellow leaves spiraling lazily in the breeze towards the ground. Fall was so beautiful I could only snuggle deeper into my sleeping bag because it felt like a dream.

4. Cold Beaches

I can't stand beaches during the summer, but I adore them when the cooler seasons arrive. I love how there are no people other than an occasional jogger and you can listen to the lapping of waves on the shore and smell the salt air in its purity. Someone should make a perfume out of that smell. There is plenty of room to play sports, and you can make a sandcastle without people destroying it with their beach chairs. 

5. Leaves

Red! Orange! Yellow! Golden brown! Pure gorgeousness, that's what it is. Our leaves don't start changing color until late October, but when I can find them, I treasure them in my mind. That's probably what I miss most about fall in other states. 

6. Fall Color Flowers

And if you live in southern Florida, then instead of gorgeous leaves you get gorgeous flowers. There are dozens of rows of maroon and tangerine flowers scattered around my neighborhood that are just as breathtaking. 

7. Less Scary Creatures (!!!) (Or more?)

With the cooler weather comes fewer bugs! You name it—gnats, flies, mosquitoes, lizards, snakes, snails—they all hide away and leave me to enjoy my afternoons and evenings without worry of snake attack. (It's happened.) I will miss the lizards though, especially the green anoles. But you do have to watch out for other terrifying creatures, like children in ghoul costumes or black cats (cuddly!).

8. Large Neighborhoods (!!!)

I think it's safe to say that most of Florida is populated and now has hundreds of large subdivisions covering it. And if you don't like crowds (like me), most of the year that's a problem—except for Halloween. On Halloween, any large neighborhood is fair game for the scheming trick- (me) or-treater (also me).

9. Mellow Social Interactions

Fall is also famous for welcoming the holidays into people's lives. I love the holiday seasons because everyone is warm and caring and just plain lovely at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and anytime in between. It's a welcome change from the indifferent normality of life. 

10. Fall Fashion

I am never a fashion guru. Unless it's fall. Then I'm all BOOTS and SWEATERS and SCARVES and CAT THEMED CLOTHES. I can also finally justify wearing black jeans every day. 

11. Scented Candles

Remember how I was talking about the ocean air scented candle? Until someone invents that, I have my trusty fall scents to keep me cozy inside. There's also loads of sales at places like Bath & Body Works so I can buy more caramel apple scented lotions. 

12. Wassel and Caramel Apples

I wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of wassel, but for sure you've heard of caramel apples. Wassel is basically a mixture of apple, orange, and pear juices enhanced with spices. It's deliciously warm, perfect for warming up on cold rainy afternoons. And caramel apples are just my favorite. I can finally eat them now that I have my braces off!! XD

13. Pumpkins and Guts

This might sound kind of gross, but a fun game is to carve your pumping and then have a pumpkin gut battle. It's like dodgeball—just with pumpkin guts. You will need a shower afterward though. But it's totally worth it!

14. Corn Mazes

I've done a corn maze once, but I would totally go back since I'm over the trauma now. I was probably ten when I did it with my cousins and my sister. It was girls versus boys and so the four girls (me, my sister, and the other cousins I mentioned earlier) actually had a really clever strategy. We would go until we found an intersection. Then three of us would separate and run a little ways down each path, then come back. Whichever path didn't end in a dead end was the one we took. It worked, until one of us didn't come back and we all ended up getting separated. That was a reign of terror. 

15. New Book Releases (!!!)

Need I explain this one?? NIGHTFALL!!! RENEGADES!!! OTHERS!!! *dies*

If you actually read through all of that, I applaud and thank you. Have some chocolate. What about you? 

What are your favorite things about fall? 
Have you ever had wassel or fought in a pumpkin guts battle? Those are pretty weird. 
What's the funnest thing you've ever done? 


*All images taken from Unsplash//*